Dental Insurance Options in Ashland, OR

We Work With Trusted Providers to Protect Your Smile

At Today’s Dentistry, we’ll help you get the greatest possible benefit from dental insurance coverage — after all, you earned it. We work closely with the following providers:

  • Delta Premier – this does not include Delta PPO, EPO, or OHP plans
  • Regence
  • Cigna*
  • Dental Plans – GEHA, Dominion, Anthem Unicare, United Concordia, many more*
  • Zelis Plans – Metlife, Guardian, Lincoln Financial, many more*

*We may not be in-network with all plans connected to these companies. Many have multiple networks and we may not be contracted with all of them.

A Special Membership Plan for Our Patients in Ashland, OR

Our Ashland practice also offers a flexible, accessible membership plan for patients seeking an alternative to traditional insurance. Learn more by reviewing our virtual brochure, or view our handy flyer with a summary of benefits.

What Is Dental Insurance?

Dental insurance provides coverage to pay for the dental care of you and your family. It offers payment for regular checkups and exams, dental emergencies, and various other types of services.

We believe it’s important for our patients to have a basic understanding of various types of insurance. Our mission is to provide you with a better understanding of what to expect from your insurance coverage.

Useful Terms & Definitions

Here’s a breakdown of some common terms and definitions used when discussing dental insurance:

  • Fee Schedule – list of costs of all services provided during your appointments
  • Network –  a single or multiple insurance companies that contract with dentists to accept a specific fee schedule
  • Subscriber – the purchaser of the policy or employee of the company that’s attached to the dental insurance
  • Annual Maximum – the amount of money the insurance will pay out yearly, ranging from $250 to $2,500 or more, with an average of $1,000-$2,000
  • Deductible – the amount the patient must pay before the insurance starts paying, usually applied annually
  • Frequency – how often insurance will pay for certain procedures
  • Limitation – things insurance companies or networks won’t pay for, like certain treatments, frequency of treatment, or waiting periods

Types of Dental Insurance

Dr. Burneson has put together a list of varying providers to help better educate our Ashland patients:

  1. Fee For Service or Indemnity – You can go anywhere with this insurance since it doesn’t have a network. They will pay based on the insurance fee schedule, but the patient is responsible for any difference.
  2. Preferred Provider Organization (PPO) – This is an agreement with individual dental offices that have accepted a fee schedule. Patients aren’t charged the difference between the plan and the fee schedule.
  3. Exclusive Provider Organization (EPO) – If you don’t go in-network, the insurance company won’t pay for your treatment.
  4. Dental Health Maintenance Organization (DHMO) – Instead of the office being paid for its services, the provider pays a set amount monthly for every patient assigned to the office, regardless of whether that patient was seen in the office.
  5. Privately Purchased Insurance – These plans are purchased on the market, not provided by an employer. They usually have waiting periods attached, which increases your rate the longer you have the plan.
  6. Dual Insurance – When a patient has dental insurance through two or more sources, it’s called dual insurance. A good example is a husband and wife who both receive insurance through their employers and are also covered on the spouses’ policy.
  7. Supplemental Insurance – This pays a set dollar amount for a given treatment, which may include all treatment or limited treatment. They payout regardless of any other policy.
  8. Pediatric Medical Insurance Rider – This is part of a medical insurance plan intended for children 18 years old and younger. They may require a deductible prior to any services paid, and may only pay if the dentist is in-network.
  9. Medicare Advantage Plans – Some offer very limited dental insurance. In some cases, it’s included, while others offer it at an additional cost. These are usually PPO plans.
  10. Commercial Discount Dental Plan – These are NOT insurance plans, but rather networks that are selling their network fee schedule to you. There is usually a nominal yearly fee, and they don’t pay anything towards your treatment.
  11. In-Office Membership Plans – Individual dental offices set these up to allow patients without insurance to pay a lower amount for their services. There’s a yearly fee per patient, but that fee provides cleaning and exams, and all other treatment receives a 20% discount here at Today’s Dentistry.
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