About Our Dental Staff

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Our Philosophy

Lifetime Care

We believe in Lifetime Care – the most predictable, longest-lasting treatment, that will help to limit both the time and expense that our patients will spend in the office. We know that quick fixes, often lead to more costly repairs down the road. However, being a part of our family means we will work with you to recommend the most ideal solutions that will last as long as possible without multiple trips to the office.

Meet Your Ashland Dentists

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Dr. James Burneson, DDS

Hello! I’m Dr. James Burneson, DDS. I was born in Southern California and grew up in St. Louis, Missouri, the gateway to the west. I went to the University of Missouri – Kansas City and graduated Magna Cum Laude with a Bachelor of Arts in Chemistry.

After graduation, I attended the UMKC School of Dentistry where I focused on cosmetic and general dentistry. Upon graduation from dental school, I worked as a successful associate dentist gaining experience in many aspects of general dentistry.

Meet The Team

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Teri, Office Manager

Teri has been with us since July of 2014. She’s a California transplant who began her career in dentistry in Auburn, California in 1983. She started as a dental assistant, gradually working her way to the front office, and has spent her last decade in dentistry as an office manager. Her favorite part of dentistry is helping patients! She has spent a large amount of time working with insurance companies, and if you have any questions about your insurance, she is the person to ask! When she is not loving her job at Today’s Dentistry, she’s relaxing with family and friends, spending time in the outdoors, or getting lost in a good book.

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Shiloh, Business Assistant

Shiloh grew up in Southern California and slowly moved north until she landed in Ashland, where she graduated with a B.A. in English Literature. After working a variety of jobs, she came to Today’s Dentistry in January of 2017, where she quickly “Learned the Ropes” and has become our Business Assistant Extraordinaire!

Shiloh will most likely be the friendly voice on the phone when you call to schedule an appointment. This is her first job in dentistry, and she says “I am extremely lucky to be part of the Today’s Dentistry team. I am constantly learning new things, and my co-workers and patients make each day a pleasure.”. Shiloh enjoys going to the movies with her husband and spending time with her dog Loki when we let her out of the office.

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Jill, Registered Dental Hygienist

Jill was born and raised in Crockett, a small town in the San Francisco Bay area. She began her dental career in 1987 as a Registered Dental Assistant. She worked her way through dental hygiene school, ultimately graduating in 1992. Jill moved to Ashland in 2005 and started working at Today’s Dentistry. Jill feels fortunate to work with such an amazing team.

Jill is married to John and together they have two children. When she’s not working, she enjoys volunteering in her children’s classrooms and serving on various committees within the Ashland school district. Her hobbies include traveling, cycling, reading, and (unintentionally) growing a deer buffet in her garden. Jill loves living in Ashland because of its natural beauty, rich cultural and academic environment, and the wonderful people she’s come to know.

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Rachelle, Registered Dental Hygienist

Rachelle is native to Southern Oregon, being born and raised in Medford. She began her career in dentistry in 2003 in HR Administrative Support, leading to an Office Manager role. Later, she moved to Portland, Oregon, working her way through dental hygiene school and graduating in 2013. Soon after, she moved back home to Southern Oregon and joined Today’s Dentistry team. She feels blessed to work side-by-side with such a remarkable dental team.

Rachelle has one daughter, Braunwyn, and a niece and a nephew with whom she enjoys spending much of her free time. Together, with family and friends, she enjoys many outdoor activities such as biking, hiking, camping, and swimming.

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Mark, Registered Dental Hygienist

Mark is an Oregon Native and Air Force / Oregon Air National Guard Veteran who began his career in dentistry after retiring from the military. He studied at RCC before receiving his Dental Hygiene Degree from the Oregon Institute of Technology in Klamath Falls in 2003. He’s been working throughout the Rogue Valley ever since. Mark has been an awesome addition to our team since 2016, first working for us when we needed a fill-in and becoming a permanent employee in 2017.

When not cleaning teeth, Mark is a family man who loves spending time with his wife Tina, his kids, his niece and nephew, and other extended families who live very close. This keeps him quite busy, as there always seems to be a project that needs to be tackled…..including a planned pool!

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Traci, Expanded Functions Dental Assistant

Traci has been with Today’s Dentistry since it was founded in 2003. She is an Expanded Functions dental assistant and has been working in the dental industry since 1990. Traci focuses on treating each patient like they were her family and helping them obtain the beautiful smiles they deserve. One of the things she enjoys most about Today’s Dentistry is the emphasis placed on continuing education about procedures such as implants and orthodontics; allowing our patients to have all services provided in one location by familiar faces.

Traci is married to Jeff and together they have one son, Bailey. She loves spending time with them, cycling, hiking, working out at the Ashland YMCA, and scrapbooking. She also enjoys the occasional yogurt at the Yogurt Hut.

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Brittany, Expanded Functions Dental Assistant

Brittany is an Oregon native who has lived in Portland and Lakeview before settling down in the Rogue Valley. She had always wanted to be part of the healthcare field and discovered in college that dental assisting is a perfect match for her sparkling personality. Today’s Dentistry was lucky enough to hire Brittany while still going through the program and has been a valued team member since August of 2015. Brittany loves the atmosphere and the exceptional standard of care that Dr. Warr gives to each patient and loves helping people feel great about their dental experience. When not helping patients keep their great smiles, she enjoys camping, swimming, hiking, horseback riding, visiting the beach…anything involving the outdoors! If the weather isn’t cooperative, she’s also happy catching up on her most current book.

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Terri, Expanded Functions Dental Assistant

Terri joined Today’s Dentistry in October of 2017. She began life in Eureka, California but moved to the Rogue Valley as a teen and never left. She’s always known that she wanted to make a positive difference in people’s lives, and that’s why she became a dental assistant. She says “I love to see the change in a patient who comes in never smiling, and by the end of treatment can’t stop smiling. Knowing I’m part of that result is a great feeling.” When not working, Terri is kept quite busy on her “Little Funny Farm”, which houses goats, a cow, and of course, dogs and cats. She also enjoys gardening, reading, and creative cooking (and we love it when she shares her creations!).

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Erica, Expanded Functions Dental Assistant

She currently supports the hygiene team and manages the sterilization department.