My experience with the staff at Today’s Dentistry and Dr. Warr has always been top notch. I went in as a person who feared the dentist. I needed extensive work done which included 6 crowns all at the same time. Needless to say my anxiety was quite high and I was very apprehensive. But every step of the way, everybody who works there, from the front of the house to the dental hygienists and Dr. Warr himself, made me feel welcome, comfortable, informed and supported. I love my crowns, I recommend Today’s Dentistry all of the time and I no longer fear the dentist.

-Brigid D.

When I discovered 2 years ago that I’d need tooth implants because an aging bridge had over the years damaged its “anchor tooth,” I was pretty daunted. The concept of placing “screws” into my bone left me frightened. Even after Dr. Warr carefully explained the procedure, I explored having the implants done at another dental office which specialized in implants. What most influenced my decision to follow through and have the work done at Today’s Dentistry was the personal treatment I received and the patience with which I was dealt when I asked questions.

My experience with Dr. Warr was nothing less than top-notch from beginning to end. I honestly felt no discomfort at any point in the process. AND, I have 2 perfect implanted teeth which have caused me not one instant of dis-ease. I would rate my experience five-stars and I am a really stingy grader!!

-Jo W.

My new teeth are wonderful!  Every time I look in the mirror I smile just to see them and I am delighted with the way they look.  The whole process of getting these new teeth was much easier and graceful than I had thought it would be, so I was pleasantly surprised.  The preparation session was the longest one.  There was never any pain or any real discomfort during the work.  With the assistance of his well trained staff, Dr. Edward Warr's work was fast and very precise and I found his verbal guidance throughout the entire process very reassuring.  My questions, and I had many, were always answered professionally and patiently to my satisfaction and everybody tried to make my experience as pleasant as possible.

-Khakira Z.

I unreservedly recommend Dr. Ed Warr here in Ashland 541 482 7771. Just tonite, Friday, I broke a tooth. He came into the office with two assistants to fix everything perfectly. That is service beyond the call.

Call him and mention that I recommended him very highly.

-Stan S.

Prior to moving to Oregon, and while living in No. California, I decided to search the web for a dentist in So. Oregon who could address my dental needs; which included dental hygiene. Siskiyou County California offered nothing in the way of competent dental care. My dental health over the years had suffered. I found Ed’s web site, called and made an appointment. After an initial exam he recommended what was needed and undertook the steps necessary to achieve that result. The dental care I received, and continue to receive, was the best I have ever experienced. Everyone in Ed’s office makes me feel special by the way I am treated. The care is over the top. I have recommended Ed Warr to others who have told me they received the same great dental care as I have over the years. I urge anyone who is seeking a dental professional to make contact with his office and schedule an appointment. You will be very pleased with your decision.

-Bill M.

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