What is PerioLase LANAP Therapy?

Periodontal disease is a bacteria-induced chronic inflammatory disease that destroys the bone surrounding teeth.  PerioLase LANAP therapy is a minimally invasive, state-of-the-art laser treatment that has been shown to regenerate the natural attachment apparatus around teeth.  In fact, human histology studies have shown new cementum, ligament, and bone!  

So, if you have loose teeth, have noticed that your teeth and/or bite is shifting, or have been told that you have periodontal disease, PerioLase LANAP therapy can help you save your teeth.

I recently had PerioLase LANAP treatment with Dr. Warr at Today's Dentistry in Ashland.  For the first time in many years my gums are not swollen and bleeding.  I have had scaling and planing many times with poor results, so I am very pleased.  Dr. Warr is very gentle and made the process as painless as it could be.  I would highly recommend Dr. Warr and this treatment if you have periodontal disease.
 - Linda

PerioLase LANAP Therapy Overview

The first slide depicts the measuring of pocket depths.  After pocket depths are established, the laser fiber, a small strand about the size of three human hairs, is introduced into the pocket and selectively removes diseased tissues.  Next, ultrasonic instruments are used to clean hard deposits, like calculus, off of the root surfaces.  The laser fiber then stops any bleeding and the gum tissue is compressed against the tooth.  The bite is adjusted to remove any traumatic bite forces.  Healing occurs through the formation of cementum mediated attachment to the tooth.

How Does PerioLase LANAP Therapy Work?

PerioLase is the name of a laser.  It is a free running pulsed laser.  In other words, it emits pulses of laser energy in millionths of a second rather than a continuous stream of energy.  For example, at a 100 millionth of a second pulse duration with 20 pulses per second, the laser is only "on" for 0.2% of each second.  This enables the laser to deliver short, powerful bursts of energy to target tissues with long "thermal relaxation" times in between each pulse of energy.  In other words, a therapeutic dose of specific energy is delivered to the tissues without burning them.

LANAP stands for Laser Assisted New Attachment Procedure.  It is a patented procedure that uses the PerioLase laser and is the FIRST and ONLY FDA cleared laser procedure with an outcome claim of "cementum-mediated new attachment to the root surface in the absence of long junctional epithelium."

So, PerioLase LANAP therapy is THE ONLY  FDA CLEARED treatment available that provides REGENERATION of the natural tooth support apparatus (cementum to ligament to bone).  It is a state of the art treatment for saving teeth!


Beware of False Claims

Remember, LANAP is the only laser treatment for periodontal disease that is supported by scientific research, including human histological studies, and has been cleared by the FDA.  If you are considering laser treatment for your periodontal disease, make sure the PerioLase LANAP therapy is what you are receiving.


Benefits of PerioLase LANAP Therapy

FASTER HEALING  -  LANAP is minimally invasive and allows the body to heal and recover better
MINIMAL RECOVERY TIME  -  Because the body heals more quickly, patients are able to return to their daily activities soonerLESS DISCOMFORT  -  Laser energy biostimulates the treated areas, minimizing the need for post-operative pain medications
MINIMAL RECESSION  -  LANAP selectively removes diseased tissue, leaving healthy gums behind
SAVES TEETH  -  Even teeth that seem hopeless can be saved by the regenerative effects of PerioLase LANAP Therapy
REGENERATES BONE  -  The only laser treatment that is scientifically proven to regenerate bone around teeth
VERY SAFE  -  PerioLase LANAP Therapy has no contraindications and does not interfere with other diseases (i.e., diabetes) or medications (i.e., Coumadin)


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